Who is Claire O’Mahony?

Claire O’Mahony is a fully qualified and registered Osteopath who trained at the renowned British School of Osteopathy in London. Originally trained as a Sports Remedial Massage Therapist, and Personal Trainer at the University of Limerick, she moved to the UK to further deepen her knowledge and skill and obtained a Master’s Degree in Osteopathy.

She has a strong structural background having worked with sports teams in
Limerick and London ranging from rugby players to ballet dancers. Her ability to help fix biomechanical problems with her hands as well as recommend individual exercise/rehab to prevent re-occurrence has been central to her patient management and skill. Her assessment and experience enables her to get to the cause of the problem quickly and manage effectively.

Since qualifying Claire has furthered her skills in Paediatrics studying and working at the Osteopathic Centre for Children, London, which is the leading Centre for Paediatric Osteopathy Excellence in Europe. This has enriched her Paediatric skills due to exposure to many presenting conditions in both hospital and clinic settings in London and Ireland. She also has worked in charity clinics and primary schools treating babies and children with physical and emotional behaviour problems.
Claire works in Ireland in Co. Kilkenny and Co. Tipperary and also works in London & U.K. regularly maintaining her client’s health and wellbeing.
The breath of education and skill that Claire has completed in the last 13 years enables her to treat a wide variety of patients and profiles: new-born babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, adults and the elderly.

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopaths are known for their ‘fine tuning’ abilities and skill to find underlying cause to an area of discomfort/ pain and help it. Using their skilled hands-on techniques to help the area to heal, move & function better.
Whether you are a Sports enthusiast, have a busy work life, travel for work, have occupation physical demands or are a busy parent who needs an ‘MOT or NCT’ to keep the ‘engine going’, Osteopathy can help YOU.

Through hands on structural/physical techniques or very gentle cranial techniques, your body alignments and internal alignments will be optimized and helped to move, work and feel better.

If you have any queries please feel free to discuss with Claire how Osteopathy can help you. You do not need a referral to have a consultation or treatment.


  • I had lower back pain for some years after a car accident which left me with pain and stiffness in my lower back and knees. I went to Claire for assessment and treatment whereby she explained my pelvis had been twisted since the accident and my discs in my back were overworking due to the twist. She corrected my alignments, gently helped my muscles and other joints back to where they should be and I’ve had no pain since.

    My wife has commented how much straighter looking I am when I walking now.

    John Hanrahan, Co.Tipperary
  • As mother of 3 healthy children, my 4th child Aoife was very unsettled and uneasy for the first 2 months post birth. Sleepless nights and a fussy, cranky child was not expected after having 3 ‘dream’ sleeper babies! I heard of Claire from another mother who said she had helped with her colicky baby and also picked up on a tongue tie problem. Claire was very thorough and examined Aoife from top to toe and could describe and feel how Aoife lay In Utero. She could feel the effects of the forceps on her head and the tension held in her body from the birth. Aoife was a little ‘bit squashed’ while inside and had difficultly lying on her back since she was born. After 3 treatments, Aoife was a different child, her sleeping improved, she was happy on her back, turned her head to both sides and became much more content and settled in herself.

    We are all sleeping so much better now.

    Olivia Bergen, Co. Kilkenny.
    web producer
  • I have been treated by Claire since she was a Sports’s Injuries and Personal trainer in Limerick and have followed her for treatment whenever I have had a problem. I am still a G.A.A. player thanks to her fixing my body which has taken a fair few knocks and injuries over the years. She has helped me with hamstring problems, neck injuries and whiplash from clashes, as well as helping my ribs when hit by wild hurleys! She has a lot of ways round the problem which is great, especially when you are in a lot of pain. Claire has many tools in her sports bag from all her training in the U.K. and other countries, and is really good at explaining what’s going on.
    For 10 years she is my ‘fixer’.

    Michael Ryan, Co. Limerick
    creative director
  • I heard of Claire ‘with the amazing hands’ awhile back and went to her when I went through a period of a lot of stress. My father was very ill at the time, work was stressful and life stuff was demanding. I kept getting colds and flus and just felt my energy was really flat. I went to her on recommendation and I had also read up on Osteopathy and how it can help immune systems. She checked my posture, how I moved and could tell me all the areas that were tight and not moving well. When she examined my lungs she found 2 ribs which were stuck and released them. I could breath properly which I wasn’t aware of was a problem! The treatment was very gentle and my chest really felt so much better. She also boosted my immune system and got my ‘flat battery’ recharged.

    Anytime I feel flat or worn out, I go to Claire and feel so much better.

    Anne O’Dowd, Co. Waterford
    web developer
  • Claire is a really talented Osteopath who I had heard of through the grapevine in London. Her qualifications, experience and interest in perusing ways to fix and help people has made her a very worldly Osteopath indeed. My client had asked me to find the best person hands on I could locate in London to accompany us on an annual yacht holiday in the Mediterranean. Claire treated the client’s jet lag symptoms and headaches, which enabled the client to attend important engagements and ceremonies. As she is a Sport’s osteopath and Paediatric osteopath, she treated all the family and grandchildren also.

    Claire continues to treat the family regularly.

    Trevor, London, U.K.
    Private Secretary
  • My 15 year old son Ciaran had braces fitted due to overcrowded teeth and from the day they were fitted, he suffered from headaches, jaw pain and discomfort, which we thought would naturally pass with some time to adjust. After 2 refits from the Orthodontist and loosening of the braces, he still complained of the same pains and also lower back pain. I heard Claire speak at a talk at the Anne Darcy Clinic of how braces can affect the lower back causing the spine to tighten up, especially teenagers as they are growing. She treated Ciaran 2 times and helped his TMJ joints settle, released his neck tension and helped his lower back pain. Ciaran had instant relief after 1 session, no headaches, much better at chewing and has no back pain since.

    Shirley Mansfield, Co. Offaly

Claire O’ Mahony Osteopath/ Structural& Cranial Osteopath/ Sports Massage Therapist/ Personal Trainer

For appointment with Claire call 086-3743704

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