Kevin Eakins Field Control Therapy (FCT)

Kevin studied homeopathy and naturopathy with CNM in Dublin (Dip Hom, ND). He then furthered his studies in homeopathy at post graduate level with Dr. Subrata Banerjea in the Allen College of Homeopathy.

In addition he has studied and qualified as a practitioner in Field Control Therapy with Dr. Yurkovsky and currently teaches this medical paradigm in Europe and USA. He has also studied nutritional medicine with Dr. Jonathon Wright and Dr. Alan Gaby. A lifelong interest in nutrition and how it relates to health has led to his affiliation with the Weston A. Price Foundation and the advocacy of traditional dietary wisdom, nutrient-dense foods, and non-toxic, sustainable farming

Field Control Therapy (FCT)

Field Control Therapy (FCT) is a medicine based on information science. It seeks to deliver therapeutic signals that prompt the body’s own homeostatic potential for self-repair into action. These signals take the form of water which has been imprinted with information relevant to human physiological and anatomical systems.

Each Field Control Therapy protocol is comprised of a series of pre-determined signals delivered in water whose sequence and timing is determined by a passive muscle test. Using a carefully programed flow of binary logic, this test is in fact a bio-resonance algorithm.

The FCT algorithm prioritizes for support those organs which have been damaged or weakened through direct toxicity or indirectly through subsequent stress. The protocol then safely and gently detoxifies and strengthens these organs as necessary.
It is important in many cases of serious toxicity that the detoxification process does not proceed too quickly. To do so would be to risk unforeseen and potentially serious consequences. At every stage in the process FCT ensures safe and effective progress bringing about gentle yet powerful change for the good.
FCT is the brainchild of a New York state licensed MD, Dr Yurkovsky.

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