Siobhan Dalton Nutritional Therapist/ Zest4Life Weight-loss Coach

Who is Siobhan Dalton?

Siobhan Dalton is a Nutritional Therapist and a Zest4Life trained health and wellness coach.

What will Siobhan Dalton do for you?

Siobhan’s specialty is in recognizing the roadblock people reach in weight loss. When people report that they have failed yet again to lose weight in the many other programs, Siobhan uses her training in Nutritional Therapy and clinical experience of what works and not and will change tactics if the person is using a way of eating that is not working for them, this comes from recognizing that not people are equal and therefore no one size fits all.

Many people have been successful in losing weight under Siobhan’s program, she helps people to find their way back to health with food & lifestyle suggestions & recommendation’s.

Siobhan shares her knowledge of good nutrition & eating habits & also educates each individual she sees on the impact food has on your ability to feel well and have the body you want.

She has chosen to work with men, women & teenagers in groups and individually in order to help them get to where they deserve to be.

She works with clients on a one to one consultation basis and offers an individually tailored plan in order to make the necessary changes for a perfectly healthy future. She does this through supplementing with therapeutic doses of nutrients. She helps restore balance and gets the recovery process off to a quick start, while putting the long term lifestyle changes in place.

Food Workshops by Siobhan Dalton

Siobhan also runs food workshops in Cashel and Tralee, where she  to educate participants on not only the reason they need to change their eating habits for future health.

Siobhan is renowned for arriving with everything but the kitchen sink to show people how to make, possibly the most important changes for future health. Siobhan demonstrates with food and tastings to ensure each person leaves with a greater understanding of the changes to be made and how to make these alterations.

Recognising the wide array of food in the market place, Siobhan steers the participants to the healthiest options to ensure each leaves the course with the best chance to achieve the highest quality health they can have.


Siobhan Dalton Nutritional Therapist/ Zest4Life Weight-loss Coach

For appointment with Siobhan call 087-3414741

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