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Anne Darcy graduated as a Registered Nurse in 1986 and moved to Boston USA in 1988.
Following the birth of her children in the early 90s, Anne became more interested in promoting health rather that treating illness. After her daughter developed numerous ear infections which were treated with antibiotics, she searched for a different answer. Her daughter had been prescribed and given 16 courses of antibiotics over a 7 month period as a 13 month old.

While one nurse colleague was recommending grommets, another explained how the health of his children was being enhanced under the care of a Chinese herbalist and homoeopath.

This was a different approach than the current medical model that Anne worked with and treated her children with. This was an eye-opening experience and one that once discovered cannot be ignored. Following treatment with herbs and homoeopathic remedies her daughters health improved and the ear infections ceased. Her overall immunity was boosted and health was restored.

This led Anne to study Homoeopathy with Paul Herscue, a well-known American Homoeopath, who specialises in the treatment of children. As a Naturopathic Physician, he recommended the study of Naturopathy because of its all-encompassing nature in the restoration of health.

At this time, Anne was nursing in Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a major Harvard Teaching centre and it became obvious that medicine was moving into a preventative role. Indeed, Harvard University students were demanding classes in Complementary Medicine at the time, which evolved into the renowned Osher Centre for Integrative Medicine, a collaboration between Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

She moved to Sydney, Australia in 1996 to study Naturopathy and graduated in 1999 with an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy with individual diplomas in Nutrition, Herbalism, Homoeopathy and Remedial Massage.
Anne also completed a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science in Naturopathy in NSW, Australia in 2000.

Naturopathy is an umbrella term that encompasses many forms of complementary and natural medicine modalities.

The body is like a well-run machine. When it is functioning at its best, then it will do the job it is built to do. When any part fails to do its best, then symptoms start, as an indicator of a malfunction. Many times a nutritional deficiency or a food or environmental toxin can be the cause.

We can identify the cause and treat each person to return proper function. We can replenish the deficient nutrient or remove the food or toxin, to restore and maintain health.

  • What can these years of experience bring to your consultation?
  • The big question Anne asks is?
  • Where is it happening in your body?
  • What is actually happening in your body?
  • Why is it happening?
  • And most importantlyWhat can we do to help you?
  • Are you functioning at your best?


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What is Naturopathy?

Naturopaths use a combinaion of age-old natural methods such as food, water, exercise, rest and natural products. At our clinic, we apply traditional healing methods, principles and practices and focus on holistic, proactive prevention and comprehensive identification and treatment. By using protocols that minimize the risk of harm, we help facilitate the body’s inherent ability to restore and maintain optimal health.

It is our role to identify and remove barriers to good health by helping to create a healing internal and external environment.
We can take the guesswork out of your symptoms.

We use Cyrex Labs, a clinical laboratory focusing on immunology & specializing in arrays for thyroid, gluten and other food-associated auto immunities and neurodysregulation.

Among the most common ailments we treat are allergies and intolerances, chronic pain, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, obesity, respiratory and heart conditions, fertility problems, menopause, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

What happens in a Consultation?

During your first appointment, Anne will take your health history, find out about your current symptoms, eating habits, stress levels and discuss why you are there.
Anne keeps up-to-date on the latest scientific research and incorporates this evidence into her treatment. She will work with you to set up an individualised health management plan.

A first visit will last up to one hour and follow-up visits can be booked for 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the time deemed necessary. It is essential to allow time to ask questions and understand your health goals, to gather information and teach you about your condition and improving your health. Just as no two people are the same, no two consultations are the same.

She may exam you or order diagnostic tests. To fully understand your current health status, what is the root problem and instead of waiting for a disease to emerge, Anne aims to head it off before it happens.
Annes goal is to …..
Eliminate “bad stomachs” “bad gut” “pains and aches everywhere” “no energy” “feeling down”, “can’t cope”.


  • As a Pcos sufferer I’ve have my share of battles. At a particularly low point in my life in October 2014 a relative recommended Anne and at the time I knew nothing about the type of work she did but meeting her I felt she just got me and we even joked that pregnancy might be a ‘side effect’ of getting my system in order but having had lots of disappointments in the past that wasn’t something I thought possible. Little did I know that only two short months later id be pregnant with a little miracle.

    I can’t thank Anne and her staff enough for the work they do.

  • After suffering from digestive problems for quite some time and having exhausted the medical route for answers, a friend told me about Anne Darcy. Although I apprehensively made an appointment, I was not disappointed. With my first consultation Anne gave me the answers I had for so long searched for.

    I am now five months down the road and the results for me are simply amazing. My digestive system has completely calmed down. I once again have pleasure leaving the house!!!
    Going forward is so positive.

    Thank you Anne.
    M. E.

  • I visited Anne Darcy on the 17th February 2016 complaining of severe painful and unsightly cracks on each side of my mouth of which I have had for numerous years. I have tried everything and anything to no avail.
    After following Anne’s protocol, in two weeks I noticed a noticeable steady improvement and by which time of my month follow up appointment, the cracks had virtually disappeared.

    I cannot only highly recommend and thank Anne for all her help and support.